Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Moon Meanderings" 12-15-08

It was a full moon a few nights before, so tonight as I saw the glow of the moon trying to come to fruition behind the clouds...I was hopeful of some good moon gazing. such luck. It started to show promise as I saw a curious yellow glow in the clouds, so I grabbed my tiny Altoids watercolor kit, my reading light and very small watercolor field kit.

I set up in my bathroom where it's extra dark when the door is closed and tried to paint quickly in the dark. I didn't have anything to put my piece of paper on, so I held the little thing in my hand and the watercolor kit also; it was not a great set up but I was in a hurry!

Yes, it was quite dark, I could hardly see the colors I was using but I wanted to really see the moon and didn't want the distraction of the light. So as it slipped quickly away behind a dark veil of clouds, I just painted from memory and it was ok. It's only after when you turn on the lights and let the colors and wetness finish their 'melding' that you'll see what you've got. It's kind of fun! This one is only 3.5"x2.5" on watercolor paper.

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