Monday, April 28, 2008

"Butterflies in the Doctor's Office" 4-15-08

If you click the picture you can read my notes about when I drew these butterflies. I was in an awful lot of pain from my car accident and waiting to see the Chiropractor. The day was sunny and gorgeous so I tried to occupy my mind by drawing. I brought my small field bag, sketchbook, and a small butterfly book. I did the initial sketches one day then worked on details another day. I listed the colors I used as usual, they are Inktense Watercolor Pencils. For the Eastern Tailed-Blue I tried laying down an even base color of Leaf Green and Field Green then wet it with a waterbrush. After it was dry I experimented with layering Violet on the left, Deep Indigo on the right and Leaf Green on the bottom. Doing the background first made the butterfly really stand out white so later I could just come in and very lightly add some colors for shading. To do this I touched the waterbrush tip to the pencil then I used the color that it picked up.
For the Zebra Swallowtail I laid in Ink Black for the stripes lightly then built it up till it was darker. I used lively colors around it to brighten my sketchbook, it was fun to experiment with layers of color. I touched up around his tail with a micron 005 permanent pen.
I just love using these Inktense Watercolor Pencils! The color is so vibrant! I would love to see one of these Zebra Swallowtails in person.

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