Monday, April 28, 2008

"Bluebirds and Yellowflowers" 4-23-08

Today I've uploading my sketchbook pages that I did the other day (4-23-08). It was my first day going outside to draw since my car accident...what a great day to be out there! I got to observe the bluebirds trying to nest in one of the bluebird boxes I put up. A Red Spider Mite came and visited, then crawled all over my paint box. I tried to note the bugs I saw, one I need help identifying, the little brown one with tan spots.
The thing I wanted to draw most were the little yellow flowers, I still have to figure out what kind they are.

Check out the pictures I added, the Red Spider Mite was crawling over my white watercolor block, I photographed it through my magnifying glass! The other picture shows my field bag and it's contents...also my palette. I kept the little binoculars handing so I could keep checking out the bluebirds.

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