Monday, May 19, 2008

"Marsh Wren and Wood Thrush" 4-26-08 + 4-30-08

I've told you before I'm not the kind of person to waste time when I'm waiting around. Well, I started this sketch of a Marsh Wren while sitting in Regal Cinema waiting for the live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera to begin! I put my sketchbook, a mechanical pencil and a small book with photos (it's listed on my sketchbook page) all in my purse. It was kind of low lighting but I was able to get it started, then later I finished the details. I hope I can see one in real life soon, I've heard their songs on bird tapes and it sounds so beautiful, like something from Walt Disney!

The Wood Thrush just happens to be one of my favorite birds, oh how I love hearing them sing when I'm near the woods! Especially near evening time. This one I did using Graphitint Watersoluble Pencils, they're watersoluble graphite. I only have two colors to experiment with, cocoa and chestnut, this one being chestnut. I really like these pencils and have to pick up some more to play with. You can sketch then wet it to make washes or bring out the vividness of color, then rework into it wet will give you VERY intense value or rework over it when it's dry. It's a lot of fun to play with and I love working in monotones. See three of my Goddess paintings on my website that show this...Autumn, Twilight, Etain. Someday I'll do a finer painting with these watersoluble pencils...ahmmm...when I have more time!!
I've added a short video clip that I took while hiking on May 7th, you can hear a Wood Thrush singing as I point it towards the trees. (no, you won't see any birds, just hear them!). ENJOY!!

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