Monday, May 19, 2008

" Evangola State Park" Brandt NY, April 25, 2008

Well I'm finally getting some pictures up from my day of exploring at Evangola State Park, in Brandt NY. (it's near Angola) My photographer friend Mark Baker and I are picking areas around Buffalo to go explore, he concentrates on photography while I grab some pictures and then try to sketch. It is nice to spend time with a friend this way but it is a little harder for me to settle down and draw things. I guess as we explore more together I'll get more comfortable with just saying, "I'll be sitting here for awhile while you go shooting". He got some neat shots of me working and I took the ones of my hand holding the palette in the creek bed and the cool "hanging by a root" photo.

It was a very overcast day, windy but pleasant enough. Sometimes that's a great kind of lighting for photography or drawing, no glaring sun to deal with. I sketched the covered bridge and wanted to work on it more at home, but never got time. That's why I waited so long to post this!, ah, the best laid plans of mice and women....ahem.
The picture of me standing in the stream, I'm sketching the scene very quickly using a permanent ink pen, then the close up of my hand holding the palette and pad shows how I hold it to use the watercolors. I just kept bending down to rinse my brush in the water flowing past me, no watercup necessary!

Then I sat down on the bank to do a quick watercolor of the lake using my Chinese brush, the colors were really dull because of the type of day it was. But I wanted to experiment and practice painting outdoors. You can see in the picture that Mark took looking over my shoulder that I've spread my bag out in front of me, but all within quick reach in case I have to pack up suddenly and go. Um...rain, creepy men ladies know what I mean! haha...another good reason to have a male friend on the exploration trip with you. A side note here to my painting, drawing, exploring lady friends, ALWAYS pay attention to what's going on around you!! Don't be naive, believe me you don't want to run into trouble out by yourself, better to be paying attention to who's around you.
Ok, back to more pleasant thoughts! I've also included an OK clip of the lakes waves. It was my intention to get a clip of the sound, but my friend Mark was diddling around next to me with his camera...made some noises. I'll shoot a better one next time!
Here's a link to Mark's phenomenal website and Evangola State Park link:

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