Sunday, August 10, 2008

"On the Road" Watersoluble Graphite 8-9-08

I brought my small art kit with me while on a road trip to the Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling NY. , of course I wasn't the driver! I experimented with drawing with my new graphitint watersoluble graphite pencils, They are colored but not as intense as watercolor pencils. I did the drawing then wet it with my waterbrush, this brings out the intensity of the colors. You can manipulate the values this way and if you like, work back into the drawing wet or dry. They're very interesting and I am looking forward to trying them for more drawings. I took a couple pictures of them with my tiny digital camera, since I'm nowhere near my scanner, forgive the not so great color and clarity!
The "Barn Owl" measures a wee 2"x2"! It was a bit challenging to do with the bumpy road.

This little landscape measures aproximately 4"x5" and is of the road we traveled. It was a great day for clouds, the only problem I had was making the line on the road. The set of pencils I bought has no yellow. You can notice that I made little color tests along the margins of the drawing.

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