Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Wandering by the Niagara River" July 25, 2008

Well, it's time to play 'catch up', this is from July, but better late than never! If you click on the pictures you'll see an enlarged view, where you can read my notes.

I did these two pages in my sketchbook following a very upsetting visit to a surgeon. I left the office in tears because he said I needed surgery on my discs from my car accident! He told me the symptoms to watch out for, all very nasty and debilitating, and then about the surgery and recovery. It was a little too much for me to handle after all the months of trying to recover from the car crash!
So....on my way home, I pulled over at a nice little park by the Niagara River and was determined to look at birds, do some sketching. It was hard but, as most artists know, once you get started there's nothing better to take your mind off pain and worry. The reason I share this with all of you friends around the world, is to let you know, it's not always as it seems. That is, I've seen other doctors since who believe I can make it without surgery (Yay!!!) and my hopes for proceeding with my life fall back into place. How awful those kind of days are that throw us for a loop of self doubt, or "how will I ever cope?"
The page above shows some sketches of water plants, and I think Purple Loose strife, considered an invasive weed here. Two bugs, including one of my favorites, the milkweed beetle and notes about birds and flowers seen. I was sitting on a rock that had waves splashing up on it, jutting into the river a bit. What a gorgeous day!
The second page was more plants, a close up view of some kind of sedge I think...I love the seed pods on this, all pointy and green, and as I studied it and drew, all of a sudden I realised there was a furry catapillar hanging on under one of the leaves. At the bottom of the page you can see a tiny landscape sketch of Niagara Falls in the distance.
I wish the pictures were colored in but I didn't have time or the energy to stay and do that. Just so you know, All is Well with me!!! I'm getting ready for my trip to England and Ireland now, I'll be blogging from there I hope, keep tuned!

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