Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Rydal Water and Cote How B+B" 9-11-08

After a long night time drive from Muncaster, I arrived at Rydal Water and settled into my room at Cote How Bed and Breakfast. I had only one day to explore as I spent an extra day under Muncaster's spell. I spent the entire day hiking, taking photos, sketching, talking to people and video taping. Every few steps I had to stop and exclain "wow"..."oh!"..."beautiful!"...I couldn't stop taking pictures. I wish I had a week so I could really go out to draw and paint. I'll do work from the photos in the studio and try to return there perhaps to teach a class as we hike around the lake?
After a wonderful breakfast at the Cote How b+b, I came down a path and this is the view of the lake as I approached. The day had a promise of rain; I had my rain gear in my backpack, some snacks bought on the way to Rydal, bottle of water, and extra art supplies. My video camera was hanging from my waist in handy reach, 35mm around my neck, and my art kit hanging from my waist also. Umm...I felt a little like a pack horse but believe me I tried to keep it light! I always try to not carry too much, my back just can't take it.

Sometimes the path veers away from the lake but always followes along through woods and over hills. Every gate I came to was set in a different scene, mood and lighting. I saw wooden gates and metal, all attached to ancient stone walls with lush green moss on anthing that wasn't moving!

Once I got out and walked next to the lake, I did a really quick sketch looking across to the other side. I put color notes on the sketch and wrote about some nice walkers I met along the way.
Another gate, this one is for the cows who are lazily lounging along the lake. I put a video clip at the end of this post that shows this view with the wall. Can you see the other side across the water? That's where I'm eventually headed, this hike today will take me around the entire Rydal Water lake.
Ok...no one said the hike was super easy! This is one part of my walk that took me up the mountain on the other side of the lake. Sometimes I was following a dry creek bed for a path.
After that part of the hike I smartly decided to sit and have lunch, maybe it was a cover so when people walked by they wouldn't notice my heavy breathing! haha...I sat and did a micron pen sketch of the gate on the path. I added notes about color and things so I could remember later if I do a painting. Just as I finished the sketch my favorite little European Robin landed on the gate! I had to sketch him in.
I'm on the other side of the lake now...looking back and down the valley at the sheep in the fields. They were everywhere, wandering about even on the paths were I was walking.

Along the way I met all kinds of nice people, this is a group of photographers from Scotland. I knew they'd be friendly if I chatted with them, I have friends in Buffalo who go shooting and they love talking shop. As we talked standing along the valley stone wall, a friendly European Robin came and started looking for handouts. One of the group put some crumbs out and we became instant friends with the little bird! Here's a picture taken with my tiny camera on zoom, not so great for clarity, but it works!
I love when you're hiking along and if you keep your eyes open, really take notice of what you see, you may see something almost underfoot, literally! I was chatting with an older gentleman while up on the far side of the mountain, a good thing to do to catch your breath. I pointed out a dung beetle crawling along on the ground. I took lots of photos...it's just great to look at later and notice all the cool things you don't see at the time. His feet had long 'toe' parts, his antennae were a beautiful color with several parts to it, his legs a gorgeous deep purple. When I looked at him from above he was just like the ancient scarabs the Egyptians used in their jewelry. Ok..yes, he's still a dung beetle, as I studied him...he crawled directly across the path and found..umm...dung! I spared you the picture of that!
This I did while up at the highest point, looking down at the b+b I came from. I stradled a cold, damp stone wall and tried to sit on my coat. I had to hang one leg over the side towards the valley, it was a pretty big drop off. People passed by and I just tried to do my best with my small set of oil pastels, smearing the clouds as the weather changed and mist came in.

This quick sketch was done on the fly...the weather was changing and I was a little worried about how long it would take me to finish my hike. I did take pictures so I could do a little color study later, if I can I'll post it.
And this is the last page of my sketchbook for today that I wrote while at the Badger Pub. After my hike I freshened up at the b+b then walked the back path to cross over the bridge to the pub. The dinner was excellent and when 9pm rolled around, we were invited to go out back of the pub to watch the badgers get fed! I counted at least nine of them! It was really cool, my only experience with badgers was when I was a zookeeper, his name was Boris! You had to keep a shovel between you and him to keep from being nipped!
I hope you enjoy the video clip below of the lake from my hike. It was a fantastic walk that has filled my memory with wonderful things. I hope you come along with me on the rest of my journey in England!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

What a splendid post Mary.

It's also really nice for me to see Rydal Water and the Lake District again - it's been a while since I've been up there. I used to go up every December to sit in a hotel right next to Grasmere and be an examiner for 5 days!

This was from back in September?
Did you see the Wainwright's Walks books while you were there?

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Katherine nice to hear from you!

I am in LOVE with the lake district now, but who goes there and doesn't fall in love with it?
My favorite memories were from days that I spent on my own hikes, with time to sit and sketch as I liked...I felt like an explorer!

Is an 'examiner' for bird counting? I wish I could do that with you...maybe some day we could...do lots of sketching while we count birds.

I'm not familiar with Wainwright's Walks...tell me more.
I'm coming back over to England in May..spending a good part of the summer there, I'd love to meet up with you to draw. I was going to suggest it before. Maybe when I go back to the lake district to explore you could take a break and come meet me? If not,I really want to spend time around London a bit, I have family to catch up with there.
email me sometime: mary@marymcandrew.com
ps.I always visit your blog, have you gotten my comments ok?
Take care,