Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Another Snowy Day" 2-1-09

The cardinals I did looking at the little feeder that is stuck to my studio window. I wasn't concerned with a fantastic drawing, just practicing the gesture sketches of it. I added a touch of color with a waterbrush and watercolor.
Then I decided to take my sketchbook, watercolors and a simple waterbrush with me when I went out to feed the chickens. It was really cold and windy, so it was hard to draw, but I donned the flip top mittens and went to it! Ok..it was worse trying to paint, but I did some simple color studies. It's very hard to sketch chickens as they move so much!
Then I headed outside the barn and set my pad on top of a tripod that I attached a piece of wood to, it was very windy! The mount isn't a very strong one, it loosened up sometimes, but it allowed me to set everything down in front of me. I'm always experimenting with ideas.
Above you can see the some chickens that were roosting in the rafters. I painted them with Chinese ink...from a dry cake I keep in a tin; it used to be liquid I just let it dry and can use it like dry watercolors. Below that is the little landscape study with some notes. The hawk sketches I added today actually. I saw a hawk through the window and tried to do a sketch using my binoculars. I'm pretty sure it's a red tailed hawk.
My landscape was pretty far away from me, but I was after the colors of the field. You can see the picture below. Oh yes...and then there's Ginger, always waiting for me to walk on somewhere else! haha....

That's it for now...stay tuned for more updates about my trip to England, sign up your email in the box in the right column. Bye!


Leslie said...

I love the chickens! Is that black one in the rafters a Silkie? We've had chickens for about a year now and are learning about them. I had no idea they were so beautiful! I've been sketching and painting them, too. You're right- they won't be still! :)

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Leslie, I used to have silkies and they bred with my other chickens so I think she does have a bit of silkie in her! I love silkies, they are gentle, great broody hens...and so cool to look at.
I would like to do some painting from photos of them sometime. Live sketching is good for gestures...but hard for detail!
Good luck with the chickens.