Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Spring 2009 Nature Sketching and Painting Classes"

photo courtesy of John Rusak-Clarence Bee News, teaching at the Burchfield Nature and Art Center Spring 2008, 5th grade class

Indoor and Field Classes
Join Naturalist Artist guide Mary McAndrew in sketching, painting and experiencing nature through art.
Mary McAndrew (716) 741-4544

Free talk and intro lesson! April 4, 2009 1pm
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Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama, NY
Mary McAndrew, naturalist artist guide, will be giving a FREE introductory talk and lesson on "Nature Sketching in the Field" at the Iroquis National Wildlife Refuge. Please bring a sketch pad and pencils; the time of the program is 1pm at the refuge visitors center 1101 Casey Road. To read more about the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge visit their website:
My students trying watercolors for the first time, it was so much fun!


mon@rch said...

Looks like some great classes! Interesting blog you have and love your art work! You a regular at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage?

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Mon@arch,
Thanks for stopping by, I love teaching my nature sketching classes and love being out hiking around with a sketchbook by myself even more! Thanks for the compliments! I checked out your blog and love it, Great photos, please let me paint from your photos! I get inspired by good photos and would definitely give you photo credit.
I went to the Allegany Pilgrimage last year for the first time and was blown away! I LOVED it, I think you can gather that from the posts I put up on my blog. I was hoping to be able to teach there this year but I can't even go! I'll be back in England to try to teach my classes there and hopefully hook up with bird of prey centers to sell my prints, maybe teach my class. I've been concentrating on painting birds of prey, most especially owls.
Did you go to the pilgrimage last year?
Have you ever gone to the Great Adirondack Birding weekend? I went last! I loved that, you should go if you love birds.
I'd be honored if you added my blog to your wonderful list of blogs!

Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

I have an invitation for you to come and visit my art blog here in San Diego Southern California. I started this blog in an attempt at finding a creative way to deal with some medical conditions I was then experiencing and now am going through again. I hope you will stop by and become friendly. :)

I think that you may enjoy the various labels and music videos I design for my art blog, hope to see you here soon and take care :)

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Jesse,
your blog is interesting, I didn't have time to look at the videos, but I see you like to write, paint and do the videos. Interesting. I love the photos of the trees...are they yours? Wow. I'd be inspired to paint them for sure.

mon@rch said...

I have been going to the ANP since 1995 and glad you enjoyed it there! Sorry that you will be out of town then . . . be sure to make it the following year if you can! Here is my post from last year: