Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Field From My Window and Hawk" 2-19-08

I thought I'd do a little color practice using my watercolors, to sketch the field in Winter. I just love the brown, soft tans and red of the bark on the bushes in the far field. My studio is on the second floor so I have a good view.
As I was sipping my coffee and playing around with the field sketch, a hawk swooped down right in front of me over Ginger's head and across the yard. It was going for the birdfeeder I'm sure, looking for a light lunch of juncoe or sparrow! It landed up in a tree on the side yard and I had to look quickly with my binoculars, hard to see much as it was turned away and not close.
It is hard for me still to tell the difference between a "Sharp Shinned Hawk" and a "Cooper's Hawk", and being a stickler for correct identification, I can't say which it was.
I feel it is a Cooper's hawk, but need to see more to learn about their size and see the tail better.
If you look at my blog coming up...I did a nice little painting of a "Cooper's Hawk", inspired by today's sighting.

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