Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Sunrise Photo" 2-16-08

I had to add this picture just because it's so beautiful. I just love watching the sun rise...the time between it's first color hitting the clouds, then a straight column of light shoots straight up from the horizon, as if to say, "Here I come, watch me!" The column lingers quite awhile as the sun gets ready to peek over the horizon. Then you see the glare of the sun, but it's not quite the real thing yet! You can see in the photo, the top of the actual sun is the rounded bit below in the trees. I smiled when I took it, thinking how it looked like the sun had a bald head and was going to look over the trees any minute at us. Sorry, always thinking of something silly, must be the little kid in me!


Anonymous said...


Cathy (Kate) Johnson

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Kate,
thanks, I just love watching a good sunrise, I'm usually running for my camera or sketchbook while I'm still in my pj's.