Monday, February 4, 2008

Walk in the Yard 2-4-08

Today I wanted to get outside without spending too much time thinking about it. Sometimes you can waste time just planning and packing so I kept it super simple. I took a gallon ziplock bag, my 6x8" sketchbook, a tortillion, a small stiff brush, one small set of charcoal pencils (already in a clear pouch so I could grab them), and something new to me a set of "Cretacolor" leads or sticks with a lead holder. I have a bigger picture of them laying on my sketchbook pictured. The set comes with a 4b graphite stick, a white chalk, two shades of brown chalk, and sanguin? stick that is like a color pencil and doesn't smear or blend easily.

I should have brought a simple pen for writing, hard to write with charcoal! oops! Next time. I wore these work gloves because they offered a bit of protection but they let me use my hands better than my heave work gloves! I use these when I do oil landscapes in the fall or spring when it's still chilly.

Something I've mentioned before, it's when you really stop and be still for a time that you start to notice little things you might have missed before. Today I was setting my ziplock bag in the snow as I worked on drawing standing up. When I crouched down to retrieve something from my bag, I noticed a tiny, tiny bug on my bag. Then I noticed there were more tiny bugs on the snow under the dead Zinnias I was drawing. Then as I looked around, no kidding, they were all across the snow everywhere! Yikes, glad they were tiny, but it's a sign of spring. I'm not sure what they were.

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camulus said...

It seems that the February sunshine is beginning to awaken the ground life. I would advise anyone looking for wildlife to begin by looking at the earth beneath their feet. Last Spring I was on top of what I thought was a barren and rugged hill devoid of vegetation except grasses. That is until I chanced to look closely amongst these grasses, they were teaming with various beetles of all descriptions.