Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Clarence Nature Center and Escarpment" 3-3-08

Today after my trip to the pet was so gorgeous I had to swing by the Clarence Nature Center and then the Clarence Escarpment. The temperatures climbed to an unseasonable 63degrees or more. I had a hard time finding much to draw at the Nature Center, I think I was distracted by the awful noise from all the construction trucks! It was deafening especially because I was still nursing a didn't improve believe me.
I found some interesting tracks to draw and some beautiful hawthorne branches. I walked around the path and spooked two white tailed deer.

Next stop was the Clarence Escarpment, now there's a little jewel! The Escarpment is on Greiner Rd in Clarence just East of Goodrich Rd. You pull into a little paved area and just walk down the slope. There's water held at the bottom of the escarpment (cliffs) where you'll find waterfowl in breeding season and other assorted critters.

I found a wooden railing to sit on and sketched using my micron pen. I pulled out my field watercolor set and did a tiny sketch of the shadows in the woods. It's a relatively peaceful place here, you can hear the traffic a bit but you can also lose yourself just looking, drawing, listening, smelling and hearing. I say hearing because as I stood very, very still drawing the burrs...I heard a splash right near me and I saw a muscrat running along in the tiny stream! I let out a big "OH!" in surprise and it scared him, he dove under the water and disappeared!

Some local kids have found a good use for the ice as long as we have it, can you see the hockey net on the ice? It's not a deep area so at least it's safe for play. I can never resist the heads of the ferns, fascinating.

As I painted with my field watercolors, I dropped the lid to my jar off the wood deck I was sitting on. Thank goodness the water was frozen, as I reached down to retrieve it, I got caught up in finding the most interesting forms in the ice! There is frozen life under that thin shelf of winter.

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