Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Hiking on my Land" 3-26-08

Today I couldn't resist the sunshine, it was a 'balmy' 40 degrees so I took my field pack and told Ginger we're going for a hike! She, of course could barely contain her excitement! If you click on any picture you can see the enlarged version, and read my actual notes. There were Red Winged Black birds calling from the tree tops and some Turkey Vultures sailing overhead silently. I sketched a tree with a hole that lookes perfect for something to have a nest in, I'll have to watch this spring.
The second page is further out, in "The Maze", a place on my land where I cut all these paths that intersect. It's a great place to explore. The sketch at the top of the page was done first with permanent marker then I used Derwendt Inktense watercolor pencils and a few Prismacolor wc pencils; I noted the colors used on the page. I noticed the buds on the trees coming pussy willows...all soft and grey, but smaller. I did some sketches on both pages, very small.
The next two pictures show me holding my sketchbook. Now it's impossible to take a picture of oneself while both hands are occupied, I told Ginger I wish she could take the picture! So, first picture shows my hand holding the pencils and sketchbook at the same time.
The second picture shows me drawing with the wc-pencil and holding the waterbrush at the same time. The small buds I painted using the watercolor pencils and a small watercolor brush. The waterbrush gets frustrating, it's a bit large and the water amount is hard to control.

The next 'cute' picture is Ginger fetching a stick, she was bored while I was setting up my supplies for a picture so I had her play fetch.

The next picture is of my field bag with the contents laid out. I numbered them so I could describe what they are. 1)watercup attached to strap 2)sandpaper block 3)watercolor pencils 4)sketchbook 5)watercolor field set 6)natural sponge 7)paper towels 8)square magnifier 9)eraser 10) slide holder for composition 11)retractable knife 12)watercolor brushes 13)tiny tripod 14)pepper spray 15) various pencils, pens, waterbrush 16)palette watercup 17)biscuit treats for Ginger 19)garbage bag to sit on.
Then there's a picture of the ice and bubbles, I had to stand in water to take it and YES, my boots leaked! Even with the plastic bags my sock got very wet and squishy! Oh the adventures of a Naturalist Artist!
Then there's a picture of a fern head ...I love these things. Then a picture of the 'tools of the day', my sketchbook, watercolor pencils, waterbrush, watercolor brush, and permanent ink pen. The last picture is a Turkey Vulture that flew over, I know it was checking us out! It circled, riding the updrafts, and kept coming back over us. I'm really surprised I could catch a picture with my tiny camera.
I hope you enjoyed the walk with Ginger and I, "Come Walk With Me" again soon!


camulus said...

That sketch of the creek at the "maze" is very good. Most people would be happy to achieve this in a studio but to do so in the field on a very cold day is exceptionally well done. I like the combination of colours, the reddish hue of the Willow bark, the golden yellow of the grass and the clear crisp blue of the water which draws the eye in. It looks like the grass and river have been given greater definition whilst their colours are contrasted by the woodland on either side. I think that Willow trees in particular and at any time of year, are very good subject matter for landscape artists.

The photograph of the "Turkey Vulture" shows perfectly it's wing formation translucently silhouetted against the sky.

Mary McAndrew said...

Thanks Camulus...I love the subtle color of the winter landscape, the willows and the yellow of the dead grasses. Touches of snow still marking the ground.