Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Pet Shop Visit" March 3, 2008

Today I found myself at the mall, not usually where I find myself but I needed a haircut. So I decied to visit the pet shop because the last time I was there one of the employees had a gorgeous green boa snake wrapped around himself. I would love to paint it, but I learned he's no longer there, along with the snake! I'll have to go searching it seems for snakes. I remember when I was a zookeeper sometimes I'd get to walk around with a huge but tame boa constrictor wrapped around my waist. This was so people could touch it and I would talk to them about the boa. It was really cool.
So while I was there I pulled out my sketchpad and did some small drawings. Even with a nagging headache it gave me the idea that this would be fun on a day when I'm more in the mood! I thought it would be good to share with you all, it's a great place to see lots of animals up close for free. The goldfish were a kick, their eyes are soooo weird, like blobs or half deflated balloons. The frog I drew at life size, it was so tiny! I did the sketches in pencil then at home I used a simple writing pen that when it is wet, will run. So I was able to make it like a wash.


camulus said...

It would be quite disturbing if the snake was still there and the man wasn't, especially if the snake appeared to have a bulge and a contented smile. SsssssS!!! no more public performances SssssS!!! yum yum!!! SsssssS!!!!

Is that a Shark in the sketch? Do they sell these in this pet shop? if they do their incredibly small. Looks like that Goldfish is about to swallow it whole. ha!ha!

Mary McAndrew said...

haha...I guess you're right about the snake! They did tell me what pet shop has all the good snakes though, I'll have to take a trip there to take photos and draw! I could imagine I'm on a trip to the jungle.
It looks like a shark but it's a tiny shark fish! Has black fins. The goldfish was really odd because of their volumnous eyes...blobbing around, it was weird. I'll have to make a more planned visit so I can do better drawings (on a day when I don't have a splitting headache)