Friday, July 11, 2008

"Allegany Nature Pilgrimage" (Thunderocks) 6-1-08

Well here I am the last day, the last hours of my time at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage, spending it at the most beautiful place I found all weekend, Thunderocks. Before I left the park I drove up by myself to visit this wonder I kept hearing about, wow! it was well worth it. You drive up the hill, make a left turn at the four corners and just ahead, very easy parking and you are right there. It's quite accessable for everyone.
The whole area is a bit unique as it was untouched by the glaciers so I've been told. The rocks are enormous, some as big as houses, and what a great place to bring your kids to let them marvel at this natural sight! (and climb a little!) You can see I'm wearing my binoculars and my sketchbag, I also had a video camera with me and took some nice videos. The little clip at the end is just with my tiny digital camera.

Here you can see a family climbing up, which helps to show the immense size of the rocks.

I just love the dapple effect of the sun on the rocks. It'd either be a painters dream or nightmare. The views are gorgeous, but the sun dapples ever moving and disappearing.

Though the ground was well worn around the rocks, there were still many pockets of wildflowers and ferns. I saw Clintonia, Wild Lily of the Valley, Star Flowers, and ferns.

Another beautiful view, showing mosses, ferns and trees. I'd love to sit up on one of those big rocks in the middle of the night and just listen to everything around me. I wonder what the Indians thought of these rocks? Did they use them as landmarks? Climb around on them as children too? Who knows.

This one reminds me of a green waterfall~ so lush!

I took the time to do a really quick little sketch before I left. You can see I put notes about a bird and bird song on the page. Below a short, corny video clip for you...but what can I say? I loved being there and didn't want to leave!

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