Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Hot Painting Day in July" 7-10-08

It was a very hot day when I decided to scoot outside to do a quick little painting. I used my a square sketchpad because it's a fun change. The painting is only 5"x5" big. I first sketched with a micron pen then I used my tiny watercolor kit. Because the day was so hot, it dried very quickly as I worked. I like the stroked look of the sky, it gives it movement.
Of course Ginger had to be right next to me! She was smart and hide from the hot sun under the table! I stood at the picnic table and put one foot up on the seat, resting my sketchbook and arm on my knee.
This little painting is of Birds Foot Trefoil, it grows wild here and there in my, ahem...kind of wild yard! It has lovely little yellow flowers and it's called 'bird's foot' because the pod cluster that grows looks like a bird foot. This flower grows in Europe and that's where it came from, now quite common here. The painting is a bit pale because I painted it in full sun, it got hard to look at the white paper after awhile. I used a little trick to make it go faster, I held the flower so the shadow fell onto my paper and then drew the stem lightly with a pencil. Then I was able to just look at the flower and work on my drawing, fixing the details and proportions.

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