Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Reinstein Woods" 5-23-08

This is about the morning I spent at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve in Cheektowaga, NY. It's from back in May, but I wanted to put it up to keep my posts in order. The very first thing I saw, well heard, was a House Wren...busy little thing! I kept watching it flit around until it showed me where it's nesting hole in a dead tree was. (Don't forget to click on my sketchbook pages to see the enlarged views.)
I did a really quick sketch of a fern leaf and flowers on mint. I looked in my wildflowers book and still haven't found a 'blue' flower, they say it should be pink. I need to find some more books!

May really is the month to see and hear birds when you're out walking! Some of the birds I heard or saw: Catbird, Yellow Warbler, House Wren, Canada Geese, Baltimore Oriole, Mallard ducks, Turkey Vulture, Red Winged Black Bird, Nuthatch, Wood Ducks, Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher.

I also took a few pictures of the gorgeous wildflowers including the pink ones with the bee on it, those are Honey Suckle, the pale lavender ones are Dames Rocket if I'm not mistaken. You look for the four petals it has, not five.

I came upon a Baltimore Oriole that had just had a bath in the shallow area of the pond. He was up in the branches at my eye level, just preening and shaking off. I took some pictures with my tiny camera but he was really too far away; but what in inspiring sight, I can't wait to do a painting of one.

Then down by the wooden bridge on the Lily Pond Loop, I shot a short video clip just to show how gorgeous the day was. It was sunny but cool, the lily pads were out, no flowers yet, and birds flying everywhere. Check it out because I have another video clip taken on July 5th to show you soon...lilie flowers in full bloom!


camulus said...

Reinstein Woods certainly seems to be rich in bird life, did you see any insect life?

That blue flower is most definitely Speedwell growing up through the mint, but I am unsure as to what type. Perhaps a variation of the common American form?

betty2dogs said...

I think the blue flower is Speedwell. Without seeing the leaves it is hard to tell what type, but it might be Birdseye [how appropriate] or maybe American Brooklime. I use A Field Guide to Wildflowers by RT Peterson when I am out walking, and it is usually pretty good. Here is also a website with lots of photos for identifying flowers:

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi and thanks for the input! I think I should start an "Identify this ____" section on some of my posts!! It could be a flower, bird, animal or bug...would be fun.
I've added the Connecticut Botanical Soc. link to my list on the right...thanks for the great link Betty2dogs! What I didn't do when in the field, was to use my fingers and follow the flower stalk down into the mint it was surrounded by. Sometimes I'm in a hurry because I'm with other people or the mosquitoes are being nasty!
Thanks again guys,