Monday, January 7, 2008

Buffalo Botanical Gardens 1-11-08

Click on any picture to view larger. (the photos of me working are compiments of Daniel M. Cox, thanks Dan!)
Today I went to the Botanical Gardens with the intention to play around with my travel sketching kit that I put together. Well, being that it was my first visit, I found it very hard not to spend most of my time exploring with my 'good' camera (Canon 20D slr). So I did some tiny little sketches, tried out my watercolor pencils a bit, then ended with one or two quickie watercolor sketches. I scanned the 6"x 8" page from my sketchbook for you to see. I don't think I like the watercolor pencils as much as regular watercolor...when you wet it, the colors change so much, they get so saturated and vibrant, I don't like surprises. I guess I'm just used to 'what you see is what you get' with regular colorpencils.

Here are some photos, so hard to pick from so many beautiful flowers and plants! Here's a link to their home page:

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