Monday, January 7, 2008

Hiking on my Land, "Long Lane Farm"

Today I went for a hike with my dog Ginger, the weather was so warm I couldn't resist! I think the temperature today reached 66 degrees! It's very breezy, clouds and patches of sun. So we wandered and I pretty much descibed things on my journal pages. Just click on the pics of my sketchbook to read my notes and see the small sketches. This first page I did a very quick sketch (7 minutes), click on it.

This is a photo of me and Ginger, I set my tiny Olympus FE 230 digital camera on top of the fence post and did an auto timer shot. I have my mud boots on, my small three legged stool over my shoulder, and an over-size fanny pack from LL Bean.
I wasn't sure about wearing the fanny pack in front,because I thought it'd make my back hurt, but actually it was ok. It was nice to have it right in front of me to keep tucking my sketchpad and pens into as I walked. My cell phone is clipped to my belt loop.

Page 2 of the journal...I found this great green for such a dreary time of year. It was growing all over the bottoms of the trees, it's very wet on my land.

'Memory Lane' is so flooded I didn't dare go there with leaky boots! But it still looks beautiful, all that water reflecting the sky, dry grasses, great color.

Page 3...I was picking up some dried oak leaves to take back home with me and saw a small spider on one leaf. It was so cool, looked like a little seed if you look quick. I did three little quick studies of it. It keeps raining off and on and I don't have my rain coat.

Golden Field...

This is my three legged stool I bought at Walmart in the hunting/fishing dept. This stool is great but when the ground is, well you kind of sink in when you sit on it!

This is the back side of a fern stem, the tiny leaves are actually curled up and look like seeds. I think it's a 'Sensitive Fern'.

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