Thursday, January 24, 2008

"In the Barn" 1-24-08

Today I just had to get outside for some sketching! I have a new sketchbook to try out and new Graphitint Derwendt water soluable color pencils. I bought three shades from ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) and can't wait to play. Colors are Warm Grey, Chestnut, and Cocoa, just love those browns! So I grabbed a small bag to put my stuff in, a Royal Traveler by Samsonite. The reason I like this bag is I can sling it over my head and shoulder, flip the cover open and get at all my supplies in the pockets. I like this when I'm out walking and need to stick brushes or pencils in while I'm drawing. The sketchbook btw is "Raffine" 5.5"x 8.5" from ASW. I'm trying it out because the paper is heavier than typical sketch paper and I do a lot with watercolor washes and ink. Let me tell you, I LOVE it!! I want to order a bigger one now.
I had to put my gloves in the picture just to show what I was wearing on my hands while attempting to draw in the FREEZING cold barn!! It took me awhile to thaw out my fingers and toes when I was done ;-)

Enjoy my sketchbook pages, click on them to see better and read my notes. Do you see the chicken standing on one leg? It reminded me of a fairy tale about the cook who made a succulent roast goose for the king, then ate one huge leg because it looked and smelled so good. The King was furious...the cook, a fast thinker, took the King to see the geese by the lake. He pointed out to the King how they all had just one leg! (of course you and I know they were keeping one tucked up to keep warm under their feathers!) The King didn't see the trickery of the cook and showed him how to shoo the geese and make them put their feet down. NO more ONE legged geese for dinner!! hahah.... I should illustrate this story, it's cute.


~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

hi Mary ~ It's me, JennD from the Botanical Artists' Group @ Yahoo. I love your sketches of the chickens, lol...I have the complete 24-color set of Graphitint pencils and have used them in different drawings, but had no idea they were water-soluble ~ don't remember reading that about them when I first got them!
I am going to have to try that...I like the look and, being a colored pencil artist myself (long-time member of the CPSA) I am always up to a new technique.
Nice work! ~ Jenn*JMJ*.

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Jenn,
I wonder if you ever tried out the watersoluble graphite? I'm playing with just plain ws graphite now...I love it.