Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Full Moon" photos

Last night when I went into my upstairs bedroom, it was very dark but for the tremendous light coming in from the window! The moon was so bright. I always look out my bathroom window at the moon at night because it's very dark if I close the door, and I can open the top of my window and take pictures without a screen in the way. I ran and got my camera and took these pictures, all handheld. It looks as bright as day. The first photo, (horizontal) shows a great glow from the town below, reflected, bounced light. If you look close at the right you can see a light spectrum from the ground going up towards the moon, purple at the bottom and going through the spectrum like a rainbow. Very cool!

The second photo is interesting because the clouds were moving, which gave great depth to the picture. I think it looks like a wolf on the left, looking up at the moon and his paw stretched out. On the right it looks like a woman figure, angel?, witch? her arm is bent and the moon looks like her face, she's looking down at the wolf. What do you think?


betty2dogs said...

I love the third photo. So beautiful!

Mary McAndrew said...

Thanks Betty, there's just something about the full moon that draws me! hmmm maybe I should just draw it! haha.

camulus said...

Drawn to the moon eh! You are not getting hairy hands by any chance Mary, the mention of seeing a witch and a wolf in the clouds could be a sign to start worrying.

Like you I also live in the country with no street lights of any kind and love it. I like having moonlight at night when I walk my dog and especially like intense moonlight that almost seems like daylight.

I do not know anything about the luna cycle but the presence of the moon in the sky has been vary scarce this past 8 weeks even though the night sky has been very clear.

Your pictures are very atmospheric. I have seen a moonlight rainbow twice this past year but regrettably did not have a camera with me at the time to take a picture. It is a very beautiful sight and quite rare to see. It appears much like a daytime rainbow but is devoid of the colours of daylight and instead forms an shimmering arc across the sky.

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Camulus,
no, not getting hairy hands! haha...I do love the moon though, always have. I have a fascination for it, looking at it's phases, hearing songs about it, seeing paintings of it. Think of how the ancient people must have sat gazing and wondering at the very same moon?
I'd like to do more night time paintings.