Monday, January 7, 2008

"Oak Tree Along Edge of Feild"

The great thing about painting or drawing outside, en plein air is what you observe...hear, see, feel, smell. This day it was the visit of the bees and teeny tiny spiders. It sounds creepy but when you're used to treking around in nature you learn to just observe the critters for what they are and do, and not get 'creeped out'!
So as a wasp kept landing on my painting and easel, I figured it was interesting. I took pictures of him of course. Then every time I started to paint, a tiny spider would appear hanging from the brim of my baseball cap, I'd lift him off with his thread of silk and put him in the grass, then another would appear on my easel. My guess was they were 'sailing' on their threads down from the beautiful oak tree.

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