Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Color Pencil- Pink and Green Leaves

This is from my trip to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens on Jan. 11, 2008. I'm working from a photo of a stem with pink and green leaves, I still have to find out what kind of plant it is. It's very pretty!

I'm working in an 8"x10" sketch book, first I did a sketch with a mechanical pencil. I tried to scan my progress with the color pencils in stages. I'm working with my new Coloursoft Color Pencils from Derwendt and a few Prismacolor Color Pencils.

The bottom twig tip I outlined with a very fine point sharpie marker, then worked the CP in. I'm still not sure how I'll approach the branch, I might do a watercolor wash then CP but the paper is pretty thin and it might not work too great. We'll see!


betty2dogs said...

I love these colors.

Mary McAndrew said...

Thanks, so do I! It is unusual isn't it? Pink and green pretty the layers they make when you look close at the real leaf.